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I had seen this story on Famke Janssen and her practical bike (complete with Brooks saddle) last year; but, I just found these comments made by some maniac driver after I made a search of “cyclist+fatalities+NYC”:

Famke Janssen knows how to ride a bike.

Famke Janssen rode around on a bike in NYC over the weekend while chatting on her headset which made it all the easier to get these upskirt shots without her knowing. Doesn’t Famke know that chatting and biking is the number one cause of bicyclist fatalities? That’s because people like me get so pissed that someone is biking at 5 mph in the middle of a busy street holding up traffic that we feel the need to speed up alongside them and open our side doors just before we pass.

maniac celeblogger wants to door cyclists
here’s the full pic

some facts:

It’s the selfish maniacs like these that keep people (especially women) from riding bikes. As we enter the new decade, the bicycle is increasingly being considered a vital part of integrated transport systems and solution to traffic congestion. The car is on its way out. (source)

94% of cyclist fatalities in New York are caused by driver inattention or a cyclist disregarding traffic controls. (source)

While it is unsafe and unwise to use a cell phone on a bike, it’s legal to ride and ‘chat’ in New York : “No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon a public highway while using a mobile telephone”(source)

Road rage is an aggressive response to overcrowding often triggered by traffic congestion and expression of a deeper frustration with oneself. (source)

We all know whats really going on:

Ride on Famke!

PS: Famke, I saw you run that red light last year. I may have done the same — the light takes so long at that intersection. I couldn’t believe how close that car came to hitting you tho. In fact, I think I nearly wrecked my bike you as you wooshed in front of me (wearing your sunglasses at night, no less!). I’m sure you saw the car and knew you could make it across in time (you’re quite fast, indeed). You almost gave me a heart attack; yet, I was fully impressed on how fast you can pedal that bike up a steep hill (even though you were dressed in all black and didn’t have lights).

how do women react to women on sexy bikes?

how do you react to HULKS on sexy bikes?

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  2. Enci

    Thanks for posting the sources as well and the video! Wouldn’t it be a nicer LA if we had a bunch of women on bikes, chatting on their cell phones instead of a bunch of women in cars chatting on their cell and running over people? They are often the most dangerous drivers in my experience. And I’ve been threatened by women on two occasions to run me down because I was in front of them. Both women were in SUVs and they were sooooo angry, they should have been locked up! I hope they will get on a bike one day and see how nice it could be if only…